How do we Build GROUPS OF THINKERS? Connecting Educator Evaluation Systems and Professional Learning: A Conversation with Toni Prickett (Sticky Standards #25)

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Our guest is Toni Prickett. Toni is first and foremost a TEACHER! She has taught middle and high school math, worked at an educational service center, and is presently an independent consultant, primarily working with Cognitive Coaching and Adaptive Schools models across our country.

Today, Toni is making connections between our Educator Evaluation systems (educator growth) and professional learning, including the PL standards. We want to ask, “How does our brain work?  How do we learn?” Is there cognitive dissonance?  Balanced participation, what does that mean? We want EVERYONE’S thinking in the room. Collaboration means “co-labor.” Within our learning communities, how do we get our best thinking on the table? We all have ideas.  Let’s put them ALL together and create a BETTER idea. What does that look like?

There are many Adaptive Schools strategies/protocols that ENGAGE educators in learning. Once these strategies are EXPERIENCED by educators the next step is to use these same strategies of engagement in our classrooms. If what we are learning is not seen in the classrooms………..

Another critical component of engagement is Efficacy. Research says the #1 predictor of student success is that teachers BELIEVE they can make a difference. Do we believe our team members are capable, Positive Intentions!

How do we create environments where we EXPERIENCE LEARNING?

What is the role of Leaders? Leaders help others make connections. They ask the right questions. We have the capacity to solve our challenges by building groups of thinkers! It takes every member contributing to the possibility thinking and solution finders. We want to build groups of thinkers!!

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