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Be a Learning Partner: A Dialogue with Marceta Reilly (Sticky Standards #33)

Our guest is Marceta Reilly. Marceta comes to this dialogue as a teacher, superintendent, leadership coach, author … always with a teacher’s heart. Plus, my friend and mentor.

Marceta selected two Standards for Professional Learning, Leadership and Implementation. The many challenges and complex changes in our schools today call for a different kind of leader. Instead of being the expert, it is important for leaders to empower and develop capacity of all educators.

Today’s leaders:
Listen Deeply, committed listening
•Assume all educators want to do well, recognizing and celebrating their strengths
•Are curious, empowering teachers to engage and develop capacity
•Provide reflective feedback, being inclusive and open to possibilities.

Education Evaluations are a great opportunity to have a meaningful dialogue. They gives educators an opportunity to REFLECT on their practices. Change happens one conversation at a time. It provides a “space to reflect” in a safe place. We all yearn for time for reflection.

By being learning partners, we are all empowered to change and own our own learning.

We must go beyond the data. Make the data (and feedback) meaningful by focusing on the WHY, by touching their heart and what do they care about.

Learn much more by exploring Marceta’s website and her many resources. Her leadership is appreciated by many, including me.


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