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Be the Change You Seek in our Schools: A Dialogue with Dennis Sparks (Sticky Standards #34)

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Our guest is Dennis Sparks. Dennis comes to this dialogue as a former high school teacher, director of an alternative high school, director of a teacher center, author, consultant, and the former Executive Director of Learning Forward. Most recently Dennis has been working as a “thinking partner” with districts on leadership development. He also writes a weekly blog.

Without Leadership, it is difficult to establish the other Standards for Professional Learning, Dennis shares the following:

  • The difference between “training” and professional Learning
  • Teaching is a process. Student learning is the outcome.
  • Professional development is a process. Professional learning is the outcome.
  • Professional learning is nonnegotiable in our schools. Educators have teams/learning communities where they participate in deep learning.
  • Somebody has to say….emperor, you are wearing no clothes. It is HARD WORK!
  • DOING is hard. Reach out…..who is a step or two ahead of you. Who can support you?  Or…just invent that first step!
  • It takes COURAGE to begin the hard work.
  • Our morale purpose is that all children thrive.

Learn more by exploring Dennis’s website and reading his blogs or following him on Twitter and Facebook. His leadership is appreciated by many, including me.






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