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DATA: How Do We KNOW Professional Learning is Changing Practice Inside Classrooms? A Conversation with René Islas (Sticky Standards #26)

Our guest is René Islas. René is the Director of the Center for Results at Learning Forward and has been working with Texas on a state-wide audit of professional learning.

Learning Forward’s Vision
E6 = Every Educator Engages in Effective professional
learning Every day so Every student achieves.

As we look at professional learning, how do we move from KNOWING to DOING? Data is essential. Effective professional learning has an impact on educator effectiveness and student achievement. This graphic shows the process of beginning with the end, student achievement data, and working back to Standards Based Professional Learning.

Texas is asking two questions.

  • What are the requirements  for professional learning at the federal, state, and district levels? (Policies- what is on paper?)
  • What is the quality of the professional learning that is being provided. (Comprehensive survey of every district in the state of Texas, plus interviews with Texas educators.)

René shares the preliminary findings. How do we support ALL educators getting better?


Look at data as an opportunity!! 


As always, Learning Forward provides many resources to support our work.

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