Sticky Standards

Implementation: Overview (Sticky Standards #8)

This episode explores Learning Forward’s new Professional Learning Standards, focusing on Implementation.

Implementation = CHANGE OVER TIME! It happens in the classroom/building/district.

Effective Feedback – clear, nonjudgmental communication based on evidence, commitment to continuous improvement and shared goals, and trusting, respectful relationships between those giving and receiving feedback. Feedback accelerates change.

Apply Change Research – What does the research say about CHANGE? Concerns-Based Adoption Model (CBAM) is a research based model that was established in the 80s and is still very helpful as all of us are addressing changes – moving from Current Practice to New Practices. We want to travel across the bridge but all of us do not cross at the same time. CBAM has three components – Stages of Concern (feelings), Levels of Use (behavior/actions) and Innovation Configuration Maps (feedback).

Sustain Implementation – Change over time with ongoing support. Learning is both formal and informal. Formal learning can be a workshop, conference, seminar, or a course. It can be online, blended or f2f.  Informal learning is job-embeded (back home) and can happen within learning communities, always focusing on continuous improvement. Through collaboration, educators can analyze student work, observe each other, create powerful lessons/units….whatever their group has decided will make the biggest impact on student results.

Our questions, “Where is your staff? When you’ve been successful before, what made the change successful?  

Let’s walk across the bridge together – safely!

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