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Leadership: A Conversation with Mike Berblinger (Sticky Standards #14)

This podcast explores Learning Forward’s Professional Learning Standard LEADERSHIP. Our guest today is Mike Berblinger, high school principal, recent Kansas Secondary Principal of the Year, the new superintendent with Buhler USD 313, and my friend!

How does a leader facilitate change? In Jim Collin’s book, Good to Great, he describes great leaders as those who look out the window, not in the rear view mirror. Get to know people and support their learning…..developing capacity for self and others.

As we look through the lens of Professional Learning, we see that SUPPORTING teacher leadership is key when moving a district forward. Teacher leaders are using DATA as they work in their learning communities. The system/district provides the structure/time for teacher leaders to develop the skills required to move a team forward and have the TIME to go deeper. We listen to our teachers.Collaboration ROCKS! 

As a superintendent, the focus must continue to be on learning. The urgent can get in the way of the important. Great leaders focus on what is important. Shifting the Monkey, by Todd Whitaker, states that as leaders we often take on the “monkeys” of other people instead of developing their capacity to solve their own problems. As leaders it is our goal to develop the capacity of others.

Great leaders are lead learners.  Professional Learning is critical.  Relationships are crucial.

Great leaders are servant leaders. 

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