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Learning Designs: A Conversation with Jill Lachenmayr (Sticky Standards #16)

This podcast explores Learning Forward’s Professional Learning Standard Learning Designs. Our guest today is Jill Lachnmeyr, Assistant Superintendent for Academic Affairs for the Andover school district and President of Learning Forward Kansas. Jill is a LEARNER.

The three big ideas around the standard Learning Designs are applying learning theories, research, and models, selecting learning design, and promoting active engagement. 

“Know your intentions and choose congruent behaviors.” This quote guides Jill’s work in her district. Focusing on their goals, they ask what are the BEST learning designs and strategies. The district has established a long-term comprehensive plan that is focused on continuous improvement. Joellen Killion and Patricia Roy’s book, Becoming a Learning School, has guided their work. They are transforming professional learning and impacting student learning by APPLYING their learning. How do we differentiate professional learning? How do we communicate? We focus on the WHY and understand that change takes time and support.
How might you use the PL standards as a guide?  How might you use the cycle of continuous improvement?  There is no one way to learn.

Many factors influence decisions about learning designs:

  • goals of the learning
  • characteristics of the learners,
  • comfort with the learning process and one another,
  • their familiarity with the content,
  • the magnitude of the expected change,
  • educators’ work environment,
  • resources available to support learning.

Many resources are available. Do utilize the free resources available on the Learning Forward website. There are four amazing units…check them out:  Managing Change; Facilitating Learning Teams; Learning Designs; and PL standards.

Professional Learning Units: School-based Professional Learning for Implementing the Common Core

The possibilities are endless. 

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