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One Size Does Not Fit All: A Conversation with Pat Roy (Sticky Standards #30)

Our guest is Pat Roy. Pat comes to this conversation as a former junior high teacher and is presently a Senior Consultant with Learning Forward’s Center for Results, working with state departments of education, districts, and schools across the United States and internationally.

Pat selected the Learning Designs standard for our podcast. The Learning Designs standard includes three components:

  • apply learning theories
  • select learning designs
  • promote active engagement

How do we ensure that what we learn ends up changing classroom practice?

The key to student learning is effective instruction in the classroom. The KEY to adult learning is selecting the appropriate LEARNING DESIGN for our purpose. Is the learning design a good match for where the educators are in the learning process?  Does it help bridge the gap from knowing to doing?

We must extend our thinking about professional learning. Professional learning that extends to supporting our educators in their classrooms. Again, support from knowing to doing.

What is our core belief about the role of professional learning in our schools? What is the barrier that is keeping us from providing ongoing support to all of our educators. The big question, “DO YOU BELIEVE ADULTS NEED SUPPORT?”

When was the last time you learned something that actually changed your BEHAVIOR? How long did it take?

Which learning design “fits” where you and your educators are in the journey from knowing to doing? It is complex with many combinations. Pat shares a process of making those decisions that include active engagement. ENJOY this wonderful dialogue with Pat!

One size/color does not fit ALL!

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