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Professional Learning: A Teacher’s Perspective: A Conversation with Karen Godfrey, President of KNEA (Sticky Standards #18)

This podcast explores Learning Forward’s Professional Learning Standards from a Teacher’s Perspective, looking at IMPLEMENTATION. Our guest today is Karen Godfrey, President of Kansas National Education Association (KNEA) and Chair-elect of Kansas Learning First Alliance (KLFA).

Implementation: Why is it a challenge to implement a change in our schools? Something has to end before we start something new. The space between the old and the new is hard, the transition is messy. One challenge is keeping everyone on the same page, recognizing that different folks are at different places in the process. Each person wants validation. Give everyone a chance to OWN it. As leaders, we want to be sure everyone has both voice and choice during the process of implementation. We validate our mistakes, maybe even celebrate our mistakes.

“Reading the map is different than walking the territory.” 
The journey is exciting but might be messy.

The journey of implementation takes TIME. The resource of TIME is critical and part of the PL standard of Resources. As Kansas districts implement Kansas College and Career Ready Standards (and other initiatives), another critical standard  is learning communities. Teachers do not feel isolated when they have time for collaboration.

Key attributes of leaders (teacher leaders, principals, instructional coaches, others) for change include engagement, empowerment, and consensus. It is important to KNOW we can be successful – both short and long-range accomplishments. Yes, another professional learning standard – data.  Communication (Cheerleading!) is important! Communicate the WHY and move forward.

Learn more about Karen’s thoughts around professional learning from a state and from a teacher’s perspective.

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