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Professional Learning in Action: A Conversation with John Heim (Sticky Standards #20)

Our guest today is John Heim, a true learner! John has had many leadership roles in Kansas, including superintendent and service center director. Presently John is the Executive Director of Kansas Association of School Boards (KASB).

As a leader, John shares an example of a very successful change and why it was successful. When he was superintendent many of the elementary students in the district were struggling with reading. First, the district looked at the data and asked WHY? Through many conversations with elementary educators, including building principals, they developed a plan for implementation, including the involvement of the board of education. It was a beautiful thing” and students began reading better!!

John shares the many components of the successful implementation, including board members as LEARNERS!!   What is the role of the board of education during systemic change? The role of the board is two-fold: setting a vision and then monitoring it. Most importantly is that board members are LEARNERS. Again, the board sets the vision and monitors implementation. The educators implement the HOW after the board has set the WHY.

A great question, “What do we want for our kids when they graduate?” The answer to that question will drive systemic change and professional learning in our state.

What is John learning this year?

Learn more about John’s thoughts on professional learning…..including his own. Last words from John….Our professional is one of inspiration!  Reflection is key to our learning!

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