Sticky Standards

Professional Learning Standards: Introduction (Sticky Standards #1)

This podcast explores Learning Forward’s new Professional Learning Standards: Learning Communities, Leadership, Resources, Data, Learning Designs, Implementation, Outcomes.

Professional Learning is about CHANGE.  During the upcoming podcasts we will explore what it might that look like at the individual, team, building, district.level when all of these standards are in place.

Background on the PL Standards: This is the third version of the PL standards created by Learning Forward.  There are now only seven.  These 7 standards do not stand alone, they are interdependent.  If any of the 7 are missing, the intended change will not occur.

Professional Learning that STICKS.  These standards are like the foundation of a house.  When we build a beautiful home, the foundation comes first.  Then we add the walls, windows, roof, etc.  When it is built, the foundation is barely visible.  BUT, if the foundation is weak, there are cracks and the foundation and the house falls.  These PL standards might even be called the invisible standards.

Conversation is Action!  During our conversations (podcasts) each of the 7 standards will be explored.   Do JOIN us!!

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