Sticky Standards

Professional Learning Standards: Overview (Sticky Standards #2)

This podcast gives an overview of Learning Forward’s PL Standards. It begins be thinking about the word standard. What is a standard? Why do we want standards? What are examples of standards in every day life?

A standard is a “what,” the benchmark. It is what it looks like when it is done well.

There are seven standards. ALL 7 standards must be in place for change to happen. What if any of the standards are missing? Dayna will share what happens in schools when standards are missing.

As Learning Forward shares, in addition to the 7 standards, trust must be part of the culture for change to happen, integrity, honesty, authentic…and a collective commitment to learning. First comes the WHY, then the HOW, and then the WHAT.

Join the conversation as we explore all of these standards. These standards are the FOUNDATION. Change happens the moment we ask the right question. Our question to you: “What is most important to you?”

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