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Reflections on the First Year of Sticky Standards: Professional Learning that Sticks! (Sticky Standards Special)

Gratitude is the heart’s memory.
–French Proverb

~Sticky Standards Fans~

As we begin my favorite time of the year, I want to share my deepest gratitude for the MEMORIES (and joys) of the last year. It has been another year full of fun, family, field trips and LEARNING! What a JOY to focus on Professional Learning That Sticks, professional learning that increases educator effectiveness and results for all students.

It makes my heart smile remembering the first podcast. Yes, I was nervous! This was a new adventure and I wasn’t sure …. you all know that I’m a bit competitive and this was a big risk!  I kept telling myself – Possibility Thinking and Solution Finding! Thank you, Tamara Konrade, for your support, friendship, leadership and collaboration!!  THANX Galore! Thank you, Rosemary Miller, for creating this awesome website, Sheryl Smith for the logo and bookmarks, Tom Manning for encouraging me to share via Learning Forward webinars, and Vicki Bechard and Nancy Bolz for being my partners as we’ve facilitated presentations across Kansas – transforming professional learning!

Each of the first round of podcasts planted a seed as we explored the seven Professional Learning Standards. During round two, the podcasts BLOOMED into a beautiful bouquet of learning as very special educators joined the dialogue around professional learning, change, and continuous improvement. Thank You, Shirley Hord, Joellen Killion, Stephanie Hirsh, Mike Berblinger, Cindy Couchman, Jill Lachenmayr, and Diane DeBacker!!  There will soon be more amazing educational leaders added to this list.

Again, my heartfelt appreciation to all of you!! Let’s put on our dancing shoes and celebrate our LEARNING!   Professional Learning that STICKS!  BE BETTER!!

To paraphrase my friend Kay Tibbs,
My purpose as an educator is to create a symphony of discovery,
a bouquet of collaboration,
a passion for learning.

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