Sticky Standards

Resources: Overview (Sticky Standands #5)

This episode explores the PL standard RESOURCES!

What are resources? Resources include staff, materials, technology, time and money.

Many educators wonder how do we find TIME? It depends on our PURPOSE. What is it we want to learn? Then, plan backward. Finding  time requires collaboration and clear expectations. Some folks take more time than others to learn a new skill. Using the idea of the BRIDGE of change…some folks talk baby steps while others RUN across the bridge. We want to support all of them. In addition to time, PEOPLE are a huge resource. How can we learn from each other? What does that look like?

What is going to change practice? What resources do we have? Let’s think outside the box….what about webinars? Blogs? Beyond the four walls!

Quote: You manage things….and lead people, two sides of a coin.

Our question: “How do we maximize, monitor and coordinate our resources? 

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