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Standards Assessment Inventory 2 (SAI2): A Conversation with Steve Preston (Sticky Standards #22)

Standards Assessment Inventory 2 (SAI2): 

A Conversation with Steve Preston

Our guest today is Steve Preston, an educational leader in Georgia and a Senior Consultant with Learning Forward’s Center for Results. Steve’s passion is professional learning, of course!  e has been a teacher, a middle school and high school principal, served as a curriculum developer and a Division Director for the Georgia Department of Education (DOE). During his leadership at the Georgia state department Steve lead the state in the early adoption of the Learning Forward’s Standards of Professional Learning. He is an expect on the use of the SAI2 and will share it with us today.

Professional learning is essential for improving the performance of educators and student achievement. Professional learning is standards based, data driven and job embedded. The SAI2 is a powerful tool to collect data around the professional learning at the building level. Are the practices at a school aligned with the PL standards? SAI2 is an inventory that asks teachers what they do every day at their school.  How do you “do school” in your building?

Steve focuses on the PROCESS of professional learning at the building level. The SAI can be the data collection tool for your building that provides feedback in the implementation of any initiative in a district, building and/or team. The SAI provides a building data from the teachers in their building that helps them determine if their practices are aligned with the PL standards.

Learn more about Steve’s thoughts on continuous improvement, professional learning and using the PL standards at the building level!! Again, the SAI2 data is THEIR data!  Great conversations are generated from this data and those conversations can improve educator practice. This data can also be used for continuous improvement planning.
In a culture of continuous improvement  ….  everyone involved is a learner every day.

Last words from Steve….There are many ways to use the SAI2. Listeners can find more information on Learning Forward’s Center for Results site.  Check it out.


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