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As stated on Learning Forward’s website, “Transforming Professional Learning is a multi-dimensional initiative focused on developing a comprehensive system of professional learning that spans the distance from the statehouse to the classroom.  With an immediate focus on implementing Common Core State Standards and new assessments, the initiative provides resources and tools to assist states, districts, and schools in providing effective professional learning for current and future education reforms.”    TPL began in one state and is now expanding to many!  Learning Forward is committed to supporting our teams, districts, states, and provinces.  What is so exciting about all of these resources is that they are FREE!

This page highlights only ONE of these resources, “Professional Learning Units.” This resource is providing a lens for educators, as they implement the many initiatives of 2014.

      Unit 1
Unit 2  Unit 3
Unit 4
Learning Teams
Standards of
Professional Learning

Even though these units are numbered, they are not necessarily to be used in that order.  In fact, educators are encouraged to EXPLORE all four units, look at their unique situations and decide what will have the biggest impact for them. As I like to say, this is not a recipe, it is a framework that supports transforming professional learning that improves educator effectiveness and learning for ALL students. Each unit provides specific strategies/protocols that can be used immediately. How might YOUR TEAM use these units?

Unit 1 – Managing Change
This unit focuses on the WHY of change. It provides research and background around CHANGE, including the following:
•3 phases of change-Michael Fullan
•6 strategies for managing change
•CBAM (SOC) differentiated support
•Strategies for addressing resistance to change

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Unit 2 – Facilitating Learning Teams
This unit focuses on our learning teams, providing support for developing our learning teams.  Again, the HOW.
•Team facilitators’ responsibilities
•Team development 
•Skills & strategies for facilitating learning teams
•Assessment of member contributions, effectiveness, & results of team’s work

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 Unit 3 – Learning Designs
One size does not fit al!!  This unit focuses on the HOW we learn. What fits BEST for your team?
•Rationale for multiple learning designs
•5-7 learning designs appropriate for learning goals
•Professional learning plan using a variety of learning designs

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Unit 4 – Standards of Professional Standards
This unit includes purpose, implications, key components, and alignment.
•Learning Communities    •Leadership    •Resources    •Data  
•Learning Designs    •Implementation    •Outcomes

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